Creativity, Diversity and Disability

  • A Creative Representation of Lived Experiences of the Move to a More Digital World Due to the COVID-19  Pandemic

    International Disability Day, 3 December 2021

    A group of staff and students at Cardiff University, supported by the Wales Doctoral Training Partnership, have marked the UN’s International Disability Day on 3rd December with a collaborative, digital, multimedia resource called:

    “Creativity, diversity, and disability: A creative representation of lived experiences of the move to a more digital world due to the covid-19  pandemic”

    This is a digital exhibition of creative expressions from individuals, groups, and organisations that depict, present, and represent experiences of and from individuals, groups, and organisations. The contributions – including images, artwork, videos, and poetry – celebrate the diversity and vitality of disabled communities and disability experiences.

    We hope you enjoy browsing the contributions as much as we did!

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