These are a selection of audio clips about power or permission (or indeed the lack of it).



Choosing Ring


Choosing Ring we found an example where parents give tacit approval for their children’s relationships. In Choosing Ring this is the parent supporting the couple to get an engagement ring.

Whereas with ‘Marriage’ we see a couple in complete agreement that the decision to get married is their parents. We don’t know if their assumption is correct but it exists. As a result, we wonder where this assumption has come from. This was clear in a lot of the interviews and from our own experience – people will undoubtedly feel real pressure from parents/careers to seek permission for things like this, but in some cases it’s simply an impression or perception that have developed. Why don’t they assume, like the rest of us that the decision to get married is ours?

Then with ‘Denied’ we have an account of someone in a long-distance relationship that had been allowed to get to the point where both wanted to move in together. But the parents got together and stopped it from happening. The individuals, in this case, were powerless, and we would think felt powerless to challenge because the relationship ended with that decision. (I feel that there need to be work done around the idea of teenage rebellion and learning disability. Not in a going to the park taking drugs kind of way, but the minor acts we all take as teenagers. We distance ourselves from our parent’s influence, pushing and setting new boundaries that our parents then grow accustomed to. I often think about this in terms of getting a house key – how many people with a learning disability will have that right of passage or feel comfortable to start testing their own decision making as a teenager?).