Nicole Monney

Poems written during lockdown

I Love…

I love wildflower banks with bees and butterflies,

My house, inside it, always,

I love 8 yr old hugs,

and tofu, smoked.

I love dogs randomly entering our workspace,

Swinging chairs,


Cold sea in a warm wetsuit,

When the shower tap doesn’t get stuck on boiling,

When the dishwasher works, and the washing machine stays in situ.

I love cereal, for dinner, and lunch.

I love the silence,

When one sound isn’t overlaid by another,

with another, and another.

I love a day with no agenda.

A new idea with no agenda.

A friend with no agenda.

I really hate bananas.

Small Kindness

I have been thinking about the way

your tiny compliments

Brighten my day

with your few words

The emails that you send me on a Friday night

That tell me of the value that I bring

The single words that bring your message

to a close

like ‘breathe’.

The small kindness in the macaroons.

The smile, and waves, across the street.

Your words, that means ‘I like you’.

The offer of the clay, the brightness

of the day,

the lovely hugs you give me, out of nowhere,

just to say, in hugs,

how much I mean to you.

The unexpected smiles returned,

the warmth within your message.

The thought, in asking that she feed your hamster,

not about the hamster needs, but because you know she doesn’t leave the house.

And she will.

For this.

The messages you send, to share with me

the progress she has made.

Just because she can.

And does.

I have been thinking about

how you check in with me

when it’s been a while.

Just to say  ‘I am still here,

Are you?